wow, I am amazed at Kanye West’s performance at the VMA’s lastnight.
he performed ‘Blood On Leaves’ and in true Yeezy form, he kept it minimalistic and clean.
it was nothing over the top, my best performance of the night.

I love the fact that he had the room in complete darkness with only, his well known trait of projection, of an artistic imagery of trees behind him while all you saw was his silhouette!

check out the video!

so Dj Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj over MTV??
I’m so sorry, but I had to laugh at this video, is Dj Khaled serious though? him and Nicki weren’t/aren’t even a couple for him to be proposing to the girl like this.
this is so strange, and to make matters worse, peep him say he understands her as they’re both suffering from success! looooool deep my nigga!

check the video out. very curious to see what Nicki’s response will be to this!