I just listened to this leaked voice recording of Kanye West, backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, during his infamous clash with Taylor Swift the night he interrupted her on stage.

no wonder he titled his album Yeezus, he is beyond egotistical. and clearly thinks the world owes himeverything, yes he is dope but i’m sure the amount of work Taylor puts into her craft, is the exact same he does too. he needs to get off his hind horse are start realizing that he is not a God amongst angels.
he even goes as far as blaming his mothers death on his anger! SMH!

do you remember this?



one of the most influential and iconic men of all time, Nelson Mandela, I wish you a happy 95th birthday and a speedy recovery.
it is without a doubt, no surprise, at the amount of people who idealize and look-up to this man who has given us all our F R E E D O M.
so blessed to come from a country where our father is and will forever be respected across the world.
how do we ever repay Mr Mandela for granting us such an important right!

to those who appreciate poetry, please read this beautiful poem by 2pac, about Nelson Mandela.

2Pac – Just a Breath of Freedom (4 Nelson Mandela)

it reads:

Held captive 4 your politics
They wanted 2 break your soul
They ordered the extermination
of all minds they couldn’t control
4 u the fate was far worse
than just a brutal homicide
They caged u like an animal
and watched u slowly die inside
As u Breathe your first air of freedom
on the day u become a free man
Raise your Regal Brow in Pride
4 now you R in God’s Hands
The life of many were given
so that the day would one day come
That the devils in Power at Pretoria
would pay for the evil crimes they’ve done


he is FINALLY being recognized for his amazing talent. he has just been nominated at the MTV video music awards, under the categories of Best Male Video and Best Hip Hop Video, both for ‘Swimming Pools’.

the awards take place on the 25th of August, and I sure hope he walks away with, if not both, atleast one of those awards.

so glad he is finally getting the recognition he needed a LONG time ago!

check the link below to view the other nominees in the various categories


Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

maaaaaan, proper geeking out over this Chris Brown interview/freestyle video.

(going through a little Breezy phase at the moment, do mind me)

on the real though, he can actually freestyle pretty well for someone who is regarded as “a r’n’b” artist.

checkout this interview he did on Sway’s radio show where he talks about his infamous diss aimed at Drake, from the ‘R.I.P’ remix, & peep his freestyle to ‘Started To The Bottom’.


few weeks back I posted the release of A$ap Ferg’s new song “Shabba” ft A$ap Rocky.

the Lord$ released the music video yesterday, and the visuals, fashion and quality are fxcking fre$h! hottest song right now!

peep the video here via Elizabeth Megan Thebus’ tumblr http://elizabethmegancapetown.tumblr.com/post/55601930605/a-ap-ferg-feat-a-ap-rocky-shabba-explicit-by

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