one of the most exciting albums coming out next month for me, is A$ap Ferg’s ‘Trap Lord’
with the first release being such a dope jam, it’s no surprise that his next single he released today, sounds just as killer.

the beat is proper and it’s nice to hear him slow things down a bit.
listen to ‘Hood Hope’ here:


turns out Dj Khaled was taking the world for a fool with that proposal to Nicki Minaj.
Nicki set the record straight over a radio call yesterday and says she and Khaled are simply brother and sister and it was all a publicity stunt for their up coming single called ‘I Wanna Be With You’

listen to the radio interview here:

so Dj Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj over MTV??
I’m so sorry, but I had to laugh at this video, is Dj Khaled serious though? him and Nicki weren’t/aren’t even a couple for him to be proposing to the girl like this.
this is so strange, and to make matters worse, peep him say he understands her as they’re both suffering from success! looooool deep my nigga!

check the video out. very curious to see what Nicki’s response will be to this!

now before anyone judges me, let me be! LOL I am terribly into Rich Gang at the moment!!

the first collaborative album by Young Money and Cash Money of the name ‘Rich Gang’ released yesterday but some might be familiar with their track ‘Tapout’ which features Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Future and Mack Maine.

although the lyrical content isn’t of great purpose, it’s a perfect album for the club and straight wildin’.

my favourite track has got to be ‘Panties To The Side’ feat French Montana, Gudda Gudda, Bow Wow and Tyga. SO RATCHET but so darn good. everyone needs a lil ratchetness in their lives!

listen or download the album here:


Rich Gang – Tapout